Week 1/Day 1 – IMLP Training

HERE WE GO!  Week 1 and Day 1 of a 30 week training plan for Ironman Lake Placid 2016!  A quick check of the plan shows…  a rest day!  Hooray!

I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to attempt my second Ironman.  As you can imagine, an Ironman in and of itself is a difficult endeavor, but without the support of my family and my training and racing buddies it can be very daunting.  I am so lucky to have their well wishes and support.

This time we have chosen the oldest North American Ironman, Lake Placid, NY.  My lifelong friends Dave and John did our first race at Ironman Wisconsin in 2013.  The dust has settled from that attempt, and the memory of the race is starting to fade.  Time to get that awesome feeling of training, racing and completing a full Iron distance race again.  Also joining us this year will be Dave’s son Alex, and another longtime friend Jeff, both first timers.

The plan we are following is the 30-week Competitive Program from the book Be Iron Fit by Don Fink.  I used this book with my two buddies and found it to be very comprehensive.  I hope to write a future post and review the book.  Of those who choose to attempt an Ironman without the assistance of a coach or a team/training group, they often chose this book to get them there.  Not just a book with a training plan, but a comprehensive book on triathlon training, nutrition, motivation, and much more.

Some quick notes about my starting point – I have had a really great running year in 2015, and should easily surpass 2100 running miles before the end of the year.  I hope to utilize the work I did running this year and apply it to Ironman and hopefully smash my personal best.  A check of the scale revealed a starting weight of 165 pounds.  I’m interested to see where my weight will be on race day.  Last time I ate as much and as often as I wanted, and still lost weight.  Race day weight for me in 2013 was about 157 pounds.

I will post weekly summaries of training, as I did in 2013, and chronicle this journey.  I am looking forward to creating lifelong memories and sharing this amazing experience!


To blog, or not to blog…

I’m not sure why I am jumping into the blog-o-sphere.  It’s kind of terrifying in a way.  I don’t really know what I am doing.  I think people who blog are somewhat narcissistic, and it’s readily apparent that I can be a narcissist, although I don’t like being told that I am.  It’s just that I am proud of some of the things that I have seen and done, and would love to share that.  What I really want to accomplish in starting a blog is to document things in my life that are significant, particularly my experiences in running, triathlon, family and life. I want to be able to look back and and have fond memories, share experiences and leave something behind for my kids to remember me by.

My father passed away in 1979.  I was 15.  There are a few photographs around in a box somewhere, but what memories I have of him have faded.  Video really didn’t exist in homes like it does now.  There are no home movies, or videos of my father.  I had a cassette player with a microphone.  I used it to record dumb stuff, and the device and tapes are long gone.  There are no tapes of my father’s voice.  I can’t even close my eyes and imagine an image of him.  I don’t want to leave the same empty legacy for my kids.

This page will be filled with family, drumming, running, biking, swimming, and whatever endeavors I take up.  Hopefully everything will be positive, and those who may be clicking around the internet and stumble onto this page, will find something useful.  I hope you enjoy reading these experiences as much as I enjoy blabbing about them.

So why not leave a few words, pictures and experiences in a format like this?  That is an easy question to answer.