2016 IMLP Training – WEEK 4

WEEK 4 – January 18, 2016 – January 24, 2016

This week seemed a little lighter in intensity, and it came when I really needed it.  I finished the end of last week with the feeling that I was catching a cold.  Usually I ignore cold symptoms and hope it doesn’t manifest into anything.  Sometimes it works in my favor, and sometimes it doesn’t.  This week it was pretty clear that I had a classic head cold.

Since I was constantly stuffed up, I felt the need to move my swim on Tuesday.  I hate rearranging my workout plan, but we are still pretty early in the 30 week plan, so missing a day of swimming, biking or running won’t have a drastic effect on the end result.  Interestingly, I missed an entire training week of cycling in my first Ironman attempt in 2013.  I had committed to being a chaperone at my daughter’s high school band camp, and couldn’t bring my bike with.  That week included a 4 hour weekend ride, which I was really kind of looking forward to because I had just bought my new triathlon bike, a Specialized Shiv Pro.  Fortunately for me, I met up with my training buddies for a combined vacation at their lake home the following week and got an intense introduction to the bike.

Me standing next to my pile of money.

The move to Wednesday worked out, and instead of moving Thursday to Friday, I just fell back into the routine.

Biking was all trainer this week, although I thought we might get lucky with the weather and get a moderate 40 degree weekend day.  It didn’t get that warm, and the previous snow on the trail would have been a hassle.  Luckily, the Chicago area dodged that big East Coast snow storm.

I did get outside for two runs this week, a five miler and a 7.5 miler.  After being on the treadmill, I could tell how the hills that I run affect my Achilles tendons differently.  No big deal, but I noticed it.  Matter of fact, I noticed a lot of little aches while running outside.  I will need to start working on stretching and training smart.



Swims: 2, 2 hours, 2500 yards

Bikes: 3 total, 2.5 hours, approx. 35 miles

Runs: 7 total, 2 2/3 hours, approx. 22.5 miles


Week 4 – Somewhat forgettable.

Author: Ironman Chris

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