2016 IMLP Training – WEEK 10

WEEK 10 – February 29, 2016 – March 6, 2016

The end of Week 10 marks the end of the base phase of the Be Iron Fit Ironman training plan.  It really seems to drag along until – boom – 1/3 of the training plan is done.   The base phase is intended to get you prepared for what is to come, and it certainly did it’s job. Nothing was really too difficult to handle, and the genius of Fink’s plan certainly gets you well prepared for Ironman.

Ten weeks of base phase totals up to the following:

  • SWIMS – 18 total (I missed two in Wk 1), 18 total hours, 45,000 total yards
  • BIKES – 30 total, 34.5 total hours, 513 total miles
  • RUNS – 70 total, 40.5 total hours, 301 total miles

This week’s roundup was definitely the longest of what I did for the first ten weeks.  The swims didn’t change at all through Weeks 1-10, with all workouts being 2500 yards in length and twice weekly.  The bike ended with a plan topping 3 hour ride.  And the run maxed out at 1.5 hours this week.  Both of the long efforts on the weekend were good hints at what is to come.

The best part of the week was riding with a fellow Gunner.  We rode from my house in Mokena, south and west to Elwood, into a strong wind.  So happy to have it at our backs on the way home.  I certainly hope there are more group rides to come!

Two GUNNERS enjoying 45 miles of misery together!



Swims: 2 total, 1.75 hours, 5000 yards

Bikes: 3 total, 5 hours, 73 miles

Runs: 7 total, 4.8 hours, 34 miles

Week 10 and the Base Phase is over!!!


Author: Ironman Chris

Family, running, triathlon and drumming are my things.

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