2016 IMLP Training – WEEK 25

WEEK 25 – June 13, 2016 – June 19, 2016

Crazy week this week.  Lots going on as I ramp up to the final month of training heading into the race.

The pool is finally getting a new liner, but it wasn’t without drama.  I may post another blog about that craziness, but I am glad the new liner is being installed and the pool should be ready for swimming next week.  Fingers crossed.

Since there was pool stuff going on that I needed to be home for, and my high schooler had to be picked up at noon every day, and that my world traveler high school grad was coming home from Italy this week, there wasn’t really any time to go find somewhere to swim.  So no swimming for me again this week.

As far as running and biking were concerned, it really boiled down to the two long events on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday went pretty well.  The plan called for a 5.5 hour bike ride followed by a one hour brick run.  I decided to head south following my usual route, but would venture west and south to explore some of the roads.  I am glad I did as I ended up almost all the way to Kankakee, IL, actually making it to Kankakee State Park.  I made it into the park and explored a paved path until it turned to crushed limestone.  I rode a little bit on that path until I felt like a dope riding a tri bike on a trail not really suited for one.  But the two hour and 45 minute turn around point hit, and I backtracked home.  95 miles total in 5.5 hours.

Maybe I shouldn’t be on this trail with my tri bike.

Upon getting back home, I felt a little drained.  I took about 15-20 minutes to down a couple Gatorades before heading out for the hour long run.  It went okay, but not at my typical effort.  I think I needed to hydrate and fuel a little more as I ended the ride.  Here’s the Garmin info:


After the 101.5 mile day Saturday, I kind of dreaded having to run on Sunday.  But I got up at 5:30am and ate and got ready to hit the trail to beat the 90 degree temps forecasted for the day.  Of course when I went to get my Garmin 910 watch it wasn’t charged even though I connected the dumb thing to the charger the day before.  Fortunately my wife has a Forerunner 10 that I grabbed and used for tracking the workout.  Before I had a GPS watch I wouldn’t have cared, but now it I have become somewhat of a convert and addicted to the dumb device.

After the 2.5 hour run, I chugged a couple of Gatorades and talked myself into doing the hour long bike spin that I probably should have done before the run.  My butt was not happy with me after the long ride on Saturday, but eventually I got used to it.  An easy effort, high cadence spin for an hour went by pretty quickly.

Those long efforts leave me with my thoughts for way too long, and boy did I have a lot of thoughts.  Too many to add here.  Maybe I will save those thoughts and share them when the Ironman is over.  I’ll need something to talk about after the race.


Swims: 0 total this week

Bikes: 4 total, 8:35 hours, 144 miles

Runs: 7 total, 7:10 hours, 49.5 miles

Week 25 is making me a believer!



Author: Ironman Chris

Family, running, triathlon and drumming are my things.

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