Texting and Ironman Training


WEEK 3 – April 3 > April 9


During last year’s training for Ironman Lake Placid, our group of five buddies decided to get a group chat going through texting.  Seeing that we don’t all live that close to each other, it was a good way to talk shop and build support for each other.

But it quickly turned into a competition.  To be the first one done with the day’s workout was always a good feeling.  And to send that text saying “Day Done,” was just as fulfilling as hitting the stop button on the watch at the end of the workout.  It also became quite annoying when the late-night finisher texted “Day Done” at 11:58 pm.  I finally figured out that there was a “Do Not Disturb” feature for the group and switched it to ON.

I thought that maybe we would not be as text happy this time around, but I was wrong.  We must all have iPhones, because there is a new feature where you can add a response on a text, adding a thumbs up, or a couple of exclamation points, or even a “HA HA” if it struck you as funny.  This just makes it easier to respond to a text when you might not have done so before.

The interesting thing about the texting is that we have a group of guys that are supportive of each other and keep each other honest in our training for another Ironman.  We all know what the day calls for, but sometimes you can’t do it.  And even though you get creative and arrange to fit it in another day, you still feel obligated to tell the group that you missed it or had to do something else.  The text is sent, making it known to the others that you fully intend not to let the others down and will definitely get it done.  We hold each other accountable, and we hold ourselves accountable.

It can get annoying getting a text from the group that their day is done, and yours is still in the works.  But if it takes a text to get us to the finish line together, I’m all for it.

Day Done > send ↑

Week 3 Wrap-up

The weather is starting to get better, with the weekend climbing into the 60’s and 70’s.  The pool was closed for Tuesday due to Election Day voting going on at the school.  Not sure how that is sufficient reasoning to close the pool, but they did it anyway.  And I was away at a conference Wednesday through Friday, so I missed the Thursday swim.  So here I am being accountable once again for missing the swim training.  Just like the texts we share with the group, it’s a just a little note to remind myself that I need to hold myself accountable and get it done.  It’s early yet, and with the weather getting better, I will have my own pool open soon and won’t be at the mercy of the school schedule.

Cycling and running went well, with a few indoor runs and trainer rides.  I am starting to get that sore calf issue again, along with some calf cramps that seem to be common when I start adding mileage.  I know that it will eventually even out.

The last thing on my mind has been my weight.  It seems like I struggled to keep the weight off in January/February/March, getting up around 175 pounds.  I have never been that high ever.  The puzzling thing is that I am still doing at least a run every day and watching my intake.  But it just snuck up on me.  After my long ride on Saturday, I weighed myself and was glad to see I was back under 170.  I hope to see sub-165 soon.


0 Swims – 0 yards this week / 3200 yards total

4 Bikes – 52 miles this week / 135 miles total

7 Runs – 27.75 miles this week / 73.25 miles total

Happy 19th Birthday to my middle child, Ashley!  Nice way to wrap up the week!

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