Another Two for One Training Wrap-up



WEEK 16 – Monday 6/17/19 – Sunday 6/23/19

WEEK 17– Monday 6/24/19 – Sunday 6/30/19

These past two weeks seemed like a whirlwind of training and life.  Week 16 went really well, I even got in a 5K race which I placed 2nd in my age group.  I had to do some juggling of the weekend workouts to fit them in around a trip to Minocqua to deal with some work around the lake home.  I ended up doing the Saturday long run on Friday afternoon prior to heading to the Rolling Stones concert in Chicago.

Waiting for the Stones to take the stage.  Glad I had a front row seat so I didn’t have to stand on tired legs.

When I left for Minocqua Saturday morning after the concert I decided to not even bring any of my workout stuff.  Too much to do, like mowing the grass and cleaning the house and getting it ready for our 4th of July family get together.

Got the new (new to us anyway) boat in the water and on the lift.  The water looked good enough to go for a swim.  Didn’t happen though.  Swimming sucks.

After that quick trip, I decided that I would make up the long Saturday bike ride on Week 17’s Monday/Rest day, which of course was done in the rain.  I figured the safest bet was to stick to the local trail in case the weather got out of hand, but it forced me to ride more conservatively and slower due to the wet paved trail that was really slick from the rain and the trail junk.  I probably should have ridden on the local roads instead, but I got it done.

Another wet ride meant I had to take time to clean the junk off of my bike post ride.  Again.

The most notable part about Week 17 is that summer finally made an appearance.  It started to get warm finally, but it brought humidity with it.  On Friday I had a 75-minute run to do and it about KO’d me.  It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for me, it just wiped me out.  It took me a couple hours of feeling pretty low after that to finally feel better.  I did that same run again on Sunday and it went much better.  No matter how much you think you know about running in hot/humid conditions, sometimes it reminds you that you can’t neglect what Mother Nature throws at you.  And sometimes it throws Bambi at you.


Week 16 Training Totals:

Swims: 2 total / 4200 yards > Rides: 2 total /  29 miles > Runs: 3 total /  20 miles


Week 17 Training Totals:

Swims: 2 total / 4200 yards > Rides: 5 total /  151 miles > Runs: 5 total /  30 miles


Next week:  VACATION!

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